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Yoga book C930 launched by Lenovo

by Sadia Liaqat
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Lenovo first introduced a tablet laptop 2 in 1 device that grabbed the attention of the visitors in the past 2 years. Now Lenovo is ready to come with something new. That is Lenovo yoga book C930.

In the event that you can get over the awkward name (C930? Go ahead, Lenovo!), the new Yoga Book is another fascinating half and half that presently knows much better what it needs to be and where it has a place. Lenovo says it was shocked to discover that clients of the first Yoga Book utilized it as a PC over 70% of the time and invested significantly less energy utilizing it as a tablet, and this acknowledgment drove it to influence the new Yoga To book a greatly improved PC substitution.

The mark of the Yoga Book is reclassified, however, it’s still in its base: where workstation consoles typically dwell, here you have a screen and an extraordinary sort of screen, but rather an e-ink show that has three capacities:

  • It is a keyboard with a touchpad.
  • It is a drawing board.
  • It is an e-reader.

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