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X4 Foundation (the space game)

by Mehwish Agha
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X4 Foundation (the space game)

Space is full of possibilities which makes it a set in for some truly awesome games whether your into massive space battles trade in or just chilled exploration there’s something here for everyone.

We are riding high 4×4 developers Ego soft have long been credited for keeping the space genre alive during the early 2000s with the exceptional x-series that began with ex beyond the frontier and reached amazing high with x3.

The series hit a massive problem through with a somewhat reimagined version of the series in X Rebirth.

They said Ego soft certainly looking ahead with X4 sits in the far future and located within a multitude of beautiful environments X4 will allow the player to trade fight and explore in 2x fashion the game will allow you to own entire fleets from small fighters to massive carriers all of which can be upgraded.

Fans of DX series will know that’s it doesn’t stop there though the building and owning space stations will also be a possibility.

The game will also feature a fully simulated economy that takes place with or without your presence X4 still has a way to go and no exact release date of the moment aside from the year 2018 but it is a bold project and ego soft have some very good track record there.

If this game manages to overcome the that came with X rebirth then this could certainly be one to watch out for


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