Why Pakistan was made & why Muslims are living with Hindu since years

This article is a live example & a lesson for  those who does not believe that why Pakistan had been made & why the Muslims living with Hindu about 200 years but could not adjust or adopt their custom & could not accept their dirty belief, inhuman practices, major difference in religion & beliefs where Muslims were connected with divined religion while Hindu with a manmade religion were living in Hindustan.

Why 2 nation theory was important?

The reason of two nation theory that caused the basic demand for a separate homeland so that Muslims may live with freedom & wisdom without any intimidation, threats, continuous Muslim Hindu riots, destroying Muslim masjid & worship place, instead bury their loved one now they are cremated with Hindu believe where the corpse is burnt, Muslims houses are ransacked, properties are gutted & even live Muslims are put on fire

People who are against Pakistan, since dawn to dusk they abuse their own soldiers, comes in the govt & do unabated corruption & involve in debasement & delinquency…what a double standard avoid to say ALHAM DU LILLAH we are blessed with Pakistan.

Though we have been blessed with an independent state that’s Islamic Republic of Pakistan but most among us still abuse the founder & father of the nation Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

They killed Quaid Sister & even they killed the Quaid, they did not respect & still accusing & blaming the then leadership who sacrificed their life to achieve Pakistan.

72 years have been passed but we have some bastard among us who raise slogan Afghanistan Zindabad in Pakistan Assembly.

They live here, they eat here, the contest election, they arrive in the Assembly. They are MPA, but blind buggers feel ashamed to say Pakistan Zindaabad. ….Mehmood Khan Achakzai. Asfand Yar Wali, Hasil Buzenjo & there are more in the conduit who hate Pakistan.

They are spy involve in espionage, keeps Baluchistan province impoverished, don’t allow to build dam, use dam slogan for apple polishing their political office.

The work closely with our foe to disintegrate Pakistan, they are betraying & incubating people like Manzoor Pashteen to keep the country involve with India & Afghanistan with unending WAR.

Instead work for Pakistan they are against the sovereignty. Please read this article from an Indian reporter who highlights the mounting atrocity being levelled with Indian Muslims.

Think that when you were in India, would not you get such tortured treatment where Muslim in India are facing now?

They are dying, religion is being changed forcibly, no guarantee of chastity, house & jobs, lives of offspring, siblings, the Hindu burns & lynching the Muslims & pressurizing to convert into Hindu belief, giving cow urine to drink, after death they don’t allow Muslim to bury the body but ask to burn as per Hindu culture.

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