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WhatsApp update fixes a frustrating issue for Android users

by Sadia Liaqat
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WhatsApp has solved a frustrating problem

 WhatsApp has handled a confounding issue with voice messages

WhatsApp is trialing a part of empowering Android customers to save voice messages on the stage.

Previously, if a phone call or battery hardship bothered the record of a voice cut on an Android phone the message would be lost when you were constrained to investigate a long way from the application.

By and by, customers who use the voice message ability to more beneficially send messages in a rush can take a load off as any interruptions won’t mean they lose their message.

Basically investigate back to the application and you will find your voice cut perfect, stopped at the point you have meddled.

By then you have the decision to tune in to the message yet again, and either send it to your mates or eradicate it.

Regardless, there is no contrasting option to proceed with a narrative, so some may jump at the chance to start their messages again if their message is bothered at a horrendous moment.

The extra limit infers there is as of now in like manner a precarious technique to tune in to a WhatsApp voice message before you send it — as investigating to the home screen in the midst of chronicle will save the message normally.

For the people who are a bit of the Google Play beta program and have downloaded the invigorate 2.18.223 of WhatsApp, the segment is enabled as usual so there is no convincing motivation to change any settings.

As itemized by WAbeta Info, the revive infers customers require never again worry over being frustrated by an inbound call or battery dissatisfaction while sending a voice message on WhatsApp for Android.

This is a component that has recently been executed on iOS.

The new component appeared in an invigorating to the WhatsApp Google Play beta program, where the association has similarly been attempting the water with new sticker gatherings recently.

The new sticker function is right now only open to some beta customers, yet it is depended upon to be a bit of a coming WhatsApp invigorate.

Seven days back WhatsApp pronounced that, to conform to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, it was making a couple of changes to the application that could bigly influence the customer experience.

These join allowing customers to download the information WhatsApp holds tight them and denying under-16s from using the organization inside the European Union.

Source: Express

Source: Express

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