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WhatsApp Launches Private Reply Feature In Group Chats

by Sadia Liaqat
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WhatsApp launches private reply feature in group chat

WhatsApp is rolling out new feature soon that would allow the user to send a private reply in a group chat.

According to the details the feature works in the group conversation. This feature is very useful for the users if they are in group chat but need to answer to any one specific group member that other members could not see that message. But, one thing is mention here that this message would be sent in a private box.

The feature is for the beta version form of its Android application. For getting this feature, the users would need to choose the message they need to react to. Users would then need to tap on the three dots going ahead on the top of the talk. From that point, the client would need to pick “Answer Privately”. WhatsApp would then consequently be opening a private visit window with that specific contact.

According to the First Post, this feature would spare a great deal of time since the user would no more be required to escape the group and then search for the concerned individual’s name and afterward type in the answer to the message.

Further Vice President Chris Daniel confirmed this news that app would soon be home to advertisements via its Status feature.

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