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WhatsApp Comes Out In Dark Mode Theme Soon

by Sadia Liaqat
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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Its prosperity urges the brands to use this channel for the marketing purpose, as well as used as a customer service strategy. Assure a customized involvement on which users are used to interacting with their friends on daily basis.

WhatsApp has made a lot of improvement to its messaging application in 2018. Before several weeks just they rolled out group calling feature around the world. Here is a crumbling of the new feature that the Facebook possessed Application has launched or maybe is in planning to launch soon. After that WhatsApp is ready to launch a new feature in the market.

They are ready to introduce a new feature which is more friendly users as compared to the previous one that is Dark Mode feature. WhatsApp has sustained a very simple and clean user interface ever since it launched. The only personalized available is the background wallpapers for chats. Dark Mode would be popular day by day with the recent adaptation on YouTube and Twitter application. Now WhatsApp also ready to adopt the Dark Mode.

This theme is very attractive and useful at low light reading in adding to just looks cool and attractive. It’s just a rumor there is not yet proof of WhatsApp Dark mode. Dark mode is one of the amazing features on which it is working on. WhatsApp for Android could be getting the ‘Swipe to reply’ included soon. As the name proposes, customers would just need to swipe right the content to send an answer. At present, WhatsApp enables users to long tap the message and answer as a shortcut.

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