What is Mubahila?

The event of Mubahila took place on 24th of Zilhaj, this event was basically an argument between the Holy Prophet(saw)and the Christians of Najran.

Are Muslims on the right path?

Christain leader Al-Aqib wanted Prophet to prove if Islam is the true religion or not?
Are Muslims on the right path? and is Prophet(Saww)right or not?
The meeting between Prophet and Christians of Najran resumed on the day of 24th Zilhaj when Prophet(Saww)decided to go along with his Holy Progeny ( Ali, Hassan, Hussain, and Fatima).
After seeing hi Holy progeny, Christian leader immediately stopped the argument and said :”By Lord, they are the only righteous among all and those who wronged them will be met with Allah’s curse”.
This event is mentioned in Holy Quran and it proved that Prophet and His Holy Progeny are the Only guides in Islam.
Those who Love Ahlulbayt, Allah will love them, and those who wrong them, they will be met with Allah’s curse.
“Surely, Ahlulbayt are the ark of Salvation and the beacon of guidance”

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