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VORTX- 4D Environmental Simulator

by Ossama Masood
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VORTX- 4D Environmental Simulator

This simulator recreates the physical sensations of the virtual environments during a video game or movie. This is possible by creating air currents of different intensity and temperature.

This allows the user of the simulator to feel the cold heat or wind. As well as changes in the weather conditions of the virtual world. Its shapes and size vortex resembles a standard loudspeaker. You can connect it to any PC and install it on the table next to the monitor using a unique technology.

Vortex analyzes audio and video streaming in real time to simulate the right environments. Through our hardware and software, the vortex system is able to respond to any kind of stimulus on demand. The coolest thing is how fast it can switch between temperatures.

The exciting thing about vortex is we can take a large amount of input data in the audiovisual format and we get to turn that information into useful feedback that creates a raised level of attention for the users.

The vortex hardware is composed of three key features our patented air deflector technology. It essentially allows us to verily increase or decrease of the heat which the device is pulling from our reservoir.

The air diffuser nozzle has a tilting feature that allows you to control the airflow direction to your desire. Last, intensity knob allows us to control airflow and also heat intensity so having the full control is really important to having that premium experience when you are gaming or watching videos.

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