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Vodafone test drones tracking technology

by Sadia Liaqat
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Vodafone reported the initiation of preliminaries of the world’s first aviation authority ramble following and wellbeing innovation which utilizes 4G Internet of Things (IoT) innovation to shield airplane from calamitous mishaps and in addition anticipate accidental or criminal automaton invasions at touchy areas. The Vodafone IoT ramble following and security innovation preliminaries bolster the destinations of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), with whom the organization has teamed up.


Vodafone said the organization’s Radio Positioning System (RPS) for rambles utilizes a 4G modem and SIM implanted inside each automaton to empower constant following (with up to 50-meter precision) by ramble administrators and approved bodies, for example, airport regulation. The Vodafone RPS is joined with Artificial Intelligence calculations – likewise created by the organization – to empower substantial quantities of automatons to be followed and controlled remotely.

The organization stated, assist preliminaries, which will be facilitated with the important specialists, are presently being planned for Spain and Germany through 2018 with the expectation of influencing the Vodafone to ramble following and wellbeing innovation accessible for business use from 2019.

The organization said the innovation behind RPS will likewise be used to support the usefulness of other IoT gadgets in future – from gear labels to bikes.

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