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Twitter Rolls Out Audio-Only Live Streaming Feature For IOS App

by Sadia Liaqat
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Twitter revealed a new feature for the iOS users to create the audio only live streaming. Bring up-to-date comes when audio recordings are ending up more well known as a medium for the two telecasters and advertisers.

The company announced via a tweet about a new feature. They said this new feature is now available on IOS App after updating the twitter. It is rolling out on the follower’s request, most of the follower just want to talk without being on camera.

Embarking on an audio-only broadcast is just like setting out a regular live broadcast on Twitter.

Simply go Live and there is a choice to click “Empower Audio Broadcast Only.” After record a sound communicates, clients can share, spare or erase it.

The audio broadcast will be available for listening, once it is finished. As a basic message based platform, Twitter feels especially appropriate for live sound communicates. More so than stages like Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter always proves that they provide a useful platform to share updates longer than 280 characters without publishing different tweets.

Customers will have the capacity to see details, for example, quantities of live watchers, replay watchers, normal listening time, etc.

Audience members will have the capacity to interface with a live Audio-only transmission with preferences and remarks, similarly as they would with a live video transmission.

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