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Touch jet WAVE – Turn any TV into a giant touch screen

by Ossama Masood
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Touch jet WAVE - Turn any TV into a giant touch screen

Touch jet wave the ultimate entertainment device that changes your TV in a touch screen smart TV. Touch jet launched an IndieGoGo campaign for their wave device and Android PC that turn your flat screen into a giant smart touch display. You can touch it use it like you would use a large tablet. We can use any app that’s on a normal Android device.

Touch jet turned the TV into a smart touchscreen that can do pretty much everything. Stream any movie you can download any app from the from the Google play right onto the way. You can check sports, news, social media and listen to music, search for things. Through this can learn the stuff through this TV, control the home and play all your favorite games only much bigger.

You can go to take a look at your spectra project with them. Most of the people are in office love it. It gets them out of their chairs collaborating like never before. The wave also has a mobile app you can swipe files photos and videos from your handheld device right to the TV. No need to sweat compatibility issues any android or apple device will do.

It’s super easy to use and gets kids playing together in a whole new way. If your parents want you to play something a little more educational anyway navigate right from your phone. You will be amazed at how quickly it changes your world, friends, and office, family. The touch jet wave brings people together in any situation.

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