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Tic watch 2

by Ossama Masood
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Tic watch 2

Tick watch 2 is IP verified for splash resistance and comes with GPS. This watch equipped with a fully round OLED display heart rate monitor step counter. The housings made of metal and the 20-millimeter straps are replaceable.

There is a button on one side gadget and a tickle touchpad on the other using your finger you can zoom in scroll through the menu or adjust the volume of the sound the technology is similar to the apple watches spinning wheel.

Flicking up and down is a fun way of navigating through the different elements especially for long-term reports. It is really nice to have a way to read everything without covering it up with a finger. However, it is not meant to replace a full touchscreen and instead complement those existing methods of navigation.

There is also an integrated speakerphone to call, receive sound notifications or record voice messages. The battery should guarantee one day’s work and the watch charged on a magnetic platform. The clock works with Ios and Android Smartphone.

The latter supports more features tick watch 2 displays notifications send quick responses lets you manage music platform, voice searches and track physical activity. Tick watch 2 comes in four colors with various types’ straps silicon leather and metal.

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