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The robotic pet

by Mehwish Agha
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For all ages, the dog is man’s best friend here Tfortechnology introduce you man’s new best friend meet chip.

Chip is a robotic dog it’s much more conducive gadget. Chip is an interactive conductor and Sarah greed you at the door. With this car, man chip recognizes who’s the owner is and shows effective end one year.

Chip is obedient and follow commands but he also learn new things so you can teach him tricks and smarter chip becomes the more badges the end when you like what you see just press the like button on the band which encourage him to behave or be a little mischievous your choices change its behavior and chase its personality so that no too chimps are ever alike.

Chip is a connected experience here’s is a translator so you can understand its thoughts that’s why he comes with his own smart ball so you can play with it and stay active together.

He also has a sensor so you can remove around obstacles and with the mobile app you can search it which shows you there and that’s important because when you are in need no matter it bigger or small be there for you.

It is e consent technology it is fully aware surroundings. He even knows to return to his bed when its time to charge so it never runs out of energy.

Chip is the smart device, the chip is a robot and chip is a dog but most importantly chip is a friend the best time

Charging base

The robot goes here and charges himself if he is low in battery or you just tell him to go on the charge.

Eye bone

The number of different instruction you can tell him to go fetch it and get it for you and also it has the pink ball here he will play with this ball kick this ball.

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