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The Launch Of The Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung has revived the iconic Note line with the Galaxy S22 Ultra superphone, giving it a built-in pen and the industry-leading camera with 3x and 10x optical zoom from the S21 Ultra from the previous year.

One of the most expensive non-folding phones available, it costs £1,149 ($1,200/A$1,849), but it includes capabilities that are just not available on other phones and will get software upgrades for at least five years, which is longer than any other Android.

The S22 Ultra doesn’t resemble the S22+ or other “S-line” models at all. A “S Pen” pen that elegantly slides into the bottom of the next superphone for charging and storage enhances the design of the Note 20 Ultra from 2020.

While the glass back and front bend at the edges to meet an aluminum band, the top and bottom are made of flat metal. Although it is a very large and intimidating phone, it is rather simple to carry and operate. I can just about use it one-handed without an attachment, but for extended use, I’d probably use a Popsocket or something similar on the back.

The 6.8in screen is amazing; it is clear, fluid, and has a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. It also has an unusually high peak brightness of 1,750nits (a common measure of screen brightness), making it easier to read outside than competitors.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is the S22 Ultra’s standard top Android chip for the year 2022 in the US, whereas a Samsung Exynos 2200 is used in the EU. Overall speed was great; even though it was not noticeably quicker than the already snappy devices from the previous year, it managed many programmes running simultaneously on the screen without any lag. Exynos 2200’s gaming performance was less consistent than that of competitors using Snapdragon 8 Gen 1-equipped devices.

Great battery life is provided. With the screen set to FHD+ quality and actively used for more than 6.5 hours with a range of companion applications, the camera, Chrome, Spotify, 2.5 hours of Netflix, and light gaming, the S22 Ultra lasts more than 40 hours between charges, including three hours on 5G. The screen-on time decreased by nearly an hour when the display’s resolution was increased to its highest QHD+ setting. The phone should easily last the busiest of days, or two if used more sparingly, which is longer than most competitors save for the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s 48+ hour battery life.

OneUI 4.1, which is based on Android 12 and receives rapid updates unlike other rivals, comes pre-installed on the S22 Ultra. The software on the Ultra has been modified in a number of ways to support the S Pen stylus. These include gesture support, handwriting recognition, different screenshot and screenwriting tools, translation, and the ability to use the S Pen as a remote control or magic wand. The S Pen is unparalleled for swiftly taking notes, annotating documents or screenshots, or doodling. One of the longest-lasting Android devices currently on the market, the S22 Ultra will receive at least five years’ worth of software updates after release, including four major Android version updates and monthly security patches, coming in second only to Apple’s six-year-plus support for its iPhones.

What Are The Camera Features Of The Samsung Galaxy S22?

The S22 Ultra features the same quad-camera configuration as the S21 Ultra from 2021, with not one, but two optical zoom cameras that provide results that are as stunning. Although occasionally faces can be unduly illuminated at night, the primary 108MP camera is one of the best ones available, taking extremely detailed, well-balanced photographs with better low light capabilities than last year’s model. 

The image quality of the 12MP ultra-wide is also good, with greater low light capabilities. The 10x and 3x 12MP cameras continue to be the highlight of the show. They both produce crisper, sharper photographs with less overt image processing than last year and are both better at capturing detail.

On top of the 10x optical zoom, you may add digital zoom. With less grain and better color than the previous year, shots up to 30x zoom are excellent, while shots up to 100x zoom have higher clarity and more precise object outlines. At maximum magnification during the day, if you’re stable enough, you may make out a car number plate even though it still appears to be an oil painting.


Actually, a Galaxy Note is a better name for the S22 Ultra. It is a massive phone designed for power users, delivering unmatched features including an outstanding camera with the highest optical zoom of any smartphone, a long battery life, a gorgeous display, and a potent built-in S Pen. 

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