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Telegram Remains Banned In Pakistan

by Sadia Liaqat
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Telelgram remains banned in Pakistan

Telegram is a famous messaging app just like WhatsApp. It is available for different platforms and is working fine everywhere throughout the world excluding Pakistan. As it was noted in fall a year ago, the application and the web both stop functioning in the country. Meanwhile, the service was properly accessible in the rest of the world.

This blockage of telegram caused an uproar over social media platforms, as many people started complaining. At first, the issue was unclear, some perceived it as a technical issue and began tweeting to the Telegram’s official account about the matter.

However, after some silence, PTCL finally broke the ice and confirmed that the secure messaging service was deliberately banned under the instructions of PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority).

Now, it’s been a year and it appears that Telegram is still blocked all over Pakistan and so far, a clear reason for this ban has not been revealed either.

A few assumptions could be that the application being a encrypt service might be annoying for the government in light of the fact that any sort of clients explicitly terrorist or criminals can take advantage of the Telegram’s security services to cover their activities and communications. In any case, strangely, WhatsApp also being encoded services is roaming out free.

It must be noticed that telegram was recently temporarily removed from Apple’s App store after some child abusive media was found being distributed in the app. Indonesia also threated to boycott the messaging service over some negative content related to terrorism. Maybe, there is a comparable content related issue with Pakistan too. But nothing can be confirmed as of yet.

Also, it is unsuitable to express that Telegram is totally out of reach in Pakistan. Purportedly, there are many individuals utilizing VPNs and proxy servers to avoid the blockage for getting to the services.

All things considered, it is obscure that to what extent this boycott will proceed and when will the application be available again without utilizing any intermediary or private system.

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