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Steam Receives Support For Nintendo Switch Pro Gamepad

by Sadia Liaqat

The latest beta client of Steam has received native support for the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. Steam currently supports other gamepads such as the Xbox 360, Xbox One and PlayStation 4’s DualShock controller.

The settings for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can be found in the Controller Settings Menu, and the change was reported on Valve’s official community page of the Steam Controller team. Remarkably, the Steam client won’t just support the regular buttons and analog sticks of the Pro Controller, as compatible games will be able to use the pad’s built-in gyro motion controls as well.

The Pro Controller is Nintendo’s alternative for a fully fledged gamepad like the competing consoles in contrast to the boxed-in Joy-con controllers. Nintendo’s regular controller has been praised for its ergonomics, great design, and long-lasting battery life.

As the support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is still in beta mode, users have to opt-in the feature in the Controller Settings menu. You can also select different user profiles and adjusted templates, just like with the PS4 and Xbox One Gamepads. Notably, Steam also offers support to use a ‘Nintendo Button Layout’, which automatically swaps the A/B and X/Y buttons.

At the moment, it’s still unclear when the Switch Pro Controller functionality will be released in the final version of Steam.


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