A reference configuration found in import databases may provide some insight with reference to what you could expect: it’d have up to 16GB of RAM and two 128GB stockpiling modules. There are likewise specifies of gigabit Ethernet and a socketed processor plan, in spite of the fact that those last two might be more for Qualcomm’s enlargement purposes than any true utilize. It’s relied upon to utilize ARM’s next-generation Cortex-A76 architecture, whose general speed help (around 35 percent, as indicated by the ARM) could be critical to testing Intel.

It’s not known when Qualcomm may report the SDM1000, despite the fact that it’s not keeping a tight top on the task when no less than one of its representatives has said chipping away at the chip as a Windows Multimedia Project Engineer. SDM1000 could represent a difficult issue for Intel if and when it shows up, however. Intel is now anxious about ARM-fueled PCs eating into its predominance of the registering scene, and a chip this possibly great could make that antagonistic jeopardy substantially more grounded.

Source: Engadget