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Smartphone App Keeps Your Diabetes In Check

by Sadia Liaqat
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smartphone app keeps your diabetes in check

Humans have consistently demonstrated a proclivity for sweet solutions. actually, sugar, a typically sweet-tasting carbohydrate, can also make life a living bad dream for a few.

A study completed by the Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE) and the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) in 2017, revealed that each fourth Pakistani beyond 20 years old is experiencing diabetes. Sadly, the 7pc respondent was not even aware that they are diabetic.

To keep blood glucose levels from worsening, observing glucose level in the blood becomes an essential daily practice and often a matter of life and death.

This is the place where organizations like Medworks come into the picture.

What is Medworks?

Medworks is a Pakistani digital healthcare startup

Medworks, a digital healthcare startup, intends to the intensity of technology to certificate better administration of non-communicable disease. It transforms an Android cellphone into blood glucose estimating gadget.

The software plus all the data management and analytics are 100% Pakistani.

An external module, Glu-Sage, and its partner application give you a chance to schedule and monitor glucose levels in the blood for diabetic patients. And keeping in mind that the gadget is very little, it’s inside the battery is strong and sturdy.

The system then stores the data within smartphones and on to a secure cloud server, from where it can be available to users on demand from any location on any device, using the internet.

The recorded data is vital to make needed changes in lifestyle, meal-plans and physical activities that help a diabetic patient live a healthy life.
Who are the creators?

The founder of Medworks, Faisal Masood, shares how Medworks became. “During my masters in health policy [at London School of Economics and Political Science] a course on behavioral economics got me working on what we call ‘nudges’ in social theory pushing people towards desirable behaviors by using certain levers like financial incentives, social encouragement, reminders or simplifying their choice set.”

For Masood, the aim was to reduce the burden on healthcare providers and furthermore convey better patient outcomes. For instance, if a users gets a quick response on how they ought to react to a high or low glucose reading. They can take essential actions immediately.in the long-run, these actions start paying off with regards to glucose control, and consequently the patient’s overall health.

Masood continues, “We are living in a data age, and the breakthroughs in data science are opening new possibilities that were not imaginable a few years ago.”

With factors like general awareness, 4G availability, and more smartphone penetration, Medworks hopes to add to its skill-set and partner with companies in the future to offer cutting-edge solutions locally.

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