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Smallest and Cheapest Computer is Omega2

by Mehwish Agha
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As Makers, we use developments boards to build all sort of cool stuff but most developments boards on the market fell short of our expectations they are bulky confusing the setup and overcomplicated we usually spend far more time reading the documentation than actually using them to build things today we are changing that.

Say hello to Omega2 the world simplest development board.

The Omega2 is tiny at less than a quarter of the size of your credit card. It can easily fit on any project but don’t be fooled by its size the Omega2 is powerful it is a full Linux computer that’s right that’s tiny things runs the same operating system that powers some of the most mission-critical infrastructure the Omega2 works out of the box it comes with built-in Wi-Fi and onboard storage so it comes to live the moment you power it on.

The Omega2 s familiar you control it with apps just like your regular computer we even have an apps store you discover apps created by the community.

The Omega2 is easy to program in fact you don’t have to write any code. Its supports node-red the graphical tool that you can use to create programs by simple drag and drop, but if you are in writing code the omega2 supports many programming languages such as

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • go
  • Perl
  • Node
  • lua
  • Bash
  • Php
  • C++

Pick one you are familiar with and built in.

The Omega2 is cloud-connected so you can remote control securely from anywhere in the world. The Omega 2 is expendable we have many plug-and-play expansions so adding new features to your project.

The Omega2 is affordable starting at only $5, we want lower to barrier the entry so anyone can join the maker meet.

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