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Samsung testing out Android Pie for Galaxy Note 8

by Ossama Masood
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Samsung testing out Android Pie for Galaxy Note 8

While we as of now have affirmation that the Android 9.0 Pie firmware refresh will obviously be going to the present lead lineup of Samsung, to be specific the Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and Galaxy Note 9 shouldn’t something be said about the somewhat more established gadgets? Well at any rate for the Galaxy Note 8, we may have affirmation that the Korean OEM is as of now trying out the Pie work for a year ago’s phablet. There are no different subtle elements, however, similar to when it will be taken off yet given that the leaders are not yet refreshed, don’t hold your breath.

As indicated by sources, Samsung is trying out N950FXXU5DRK4 for the Galaxy Note 8. While it’s not an affirmation that is, in reality, the Pie refresh. The Oreo-based firmware had the CRxx organize for the last four letters of the product rendition. So the D in the last four letters of the firmware being refreshed recommends that it’s a noteworthy overhaul. It’s a stretch and may simply be a major element that will be taken off. Yet it’s not impossible that it is to be sure Pie for the Galaxy Note 8.

What is likewise misty is whether this firmware will likewise contain the recently declared One UI interface, the most up to date form of Samsung’s well known Android skin. This will supplant the Samsung Experience which already displaced TouchWiz. In any case, Android Authority affirmed that it will likewise be taking off to the present leaders as well as to the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, and the Galaxy Note 8.

One UI is as of now tolerating recruits for its beta-testing program. It is required to reveal the steady form close by the Android Pie refresh at some point right on time one year from now and as usual, it will likely take off to the present leaders first and it will require some investment before the others will get the chance to appreciate it.

With respect to when the Android Pie, and in this manner, the One UI, will take off for proprietors of the Galaxy Note 8 gadgets, that will be resolved regarding how opportune the rollout will be for the fresher gadgets. As we’ve seen the previous years, however, anticipate that it will not be so opportune.

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