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Samsung Galaxy X First “Foldable Smartphone”

by Ossama Masood
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Samsung Galaxy X First "Foldable Smartphone"

Samsung just revealed the first ever official teaser for the Samsung Galaxy X that is the first ever Samsung’s foldable smartphone. Samsung will be officially announcing it next month. The tagline there now meets next that is where the world meets the future.

The teaser actually shows Samsung using graphics in a video there are lines unfolding become a right facing arrow then finally settling into single vertical line. This device will be available for sale starting early 2019.

Now about the specifications, input feature is a great seven point three inches of OLED display and it will become around three point six inches after a fold. It will be handy smartphone you will be able to use it as your daily driver not too large. It’s going to be just like a classy flip phone but will display technology.

The processor will be the latest Snapdragon 845 CPU for few markets and the premium Exynos for other markets. It is going to feature 6/8GB’s of RAM and 128/256 gigs of internal storage. The battery is the biggest thing inside the smartphone itself.

Samsung already made a flexible battery for the Samsung Galaxy X. This battery has a power of 3000Mah to 6000Mah. 3000mah seems perfect for the first Samsung foldable smartphone.

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