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Nest Wants To Acquire Nokia’s Health Division

by Sadia Liaqat
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It appears that officers from Google’s Nest division are looking to gather the Nokia fitness department from the Finnish company. Nokia has previously pronounced that it’s investigating whether or not or no longer to sell their fitness divisionjust more than one years after acquiring the French health enterprise Withings themselves.

according to Wearable and a nearby Finnish newspaper, Nest wouldn’t be the most effective involved celebration in an ability takeover of Nokia fitnessinclusive of unspecified ECU agencies.

Reportedly, Nest is seeking to expand its marketplace with electronic fitness merchandise, and the Nokia fitness products in shape perfectly in this plan with their hybrid smart watches which includes the metal HR and other healthrelated merchandise. The corporation also creates a nap tracker that desires to be set up beneath a bed and clever scales with a web connection.

Nest, howeverpresently produces clever thermostats and security cameras. An acquisition of Nokia health could greatly widen their collection of products.

but, the French government would possibly shape a problem if Nest desires to take over Nokia’s division, because the government prefers that the department remains below French manage, diminishing Nest’s chances of a real takeover. Neither organization has commented on the rumors, and Nokia is still thinking about promoting its division.

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