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Robobo robot

by Ossama Masood
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Robobo robot

Robobo is the next generation of educational robot. It uses smartphone as the brain of mobile base from that moment you can program it your computer or a tablet.

Robobo can feel just like you do, see colors, hear sounds, recognizes faces shapes and sense. When you touch him it also knows how to talk show his emotions and of course he can move all this.

The combination of robo boost mobile base that existing technology into the smartphones now available to you. Whether you do not know to how to program or if indeed you already an expert. It recognizes objects tax for faces.

You can also use speech recognition or some production like GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes and internet connections all of these together with the computational power of current smartphones allows you to develop a new level of projects in education.

Robobo is an educational tool to use in the classroom. Robots will become an educational element for classes’. As such young people must learn to deal with them and control them in a natural manner. Robobo allows you to learn the future of robotics now it has the capabilities of robots that will surround.

In a few years time robobo allows incorporate 3D parts to extend its capabilities. So mechanical is also part of the educational experience.

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