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by Mehwish Agha
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You can schedule Robel for security home patrol. Robel has 360% dynamic monitoring system on front and the back camera keeps your family safe and sound and its finished in 2014.

Robel can charge itself on its own, the eye become Bluetooth transmitter system that is integrated inside the charging station will signal Robel to return to the charging dock each time he runs out of battery.

The Robel image recognition system can better assist Robel to estimates its systems and angles in between objects when it’s moving indoors.

The home monitoring system will still be active even when Robel is charging.

Screen Flexibility:

Robel robotic structure design is patented the neck of the robot is 90-degree angle moving flexibility so even the adults can use touch screen easily while standing up.

Removal Camera:

The removable camera can be placed anywhere in the household and on the back off the camera it has a memory stick and battery are attached to it and can be placed anywhere in the house to make videos and take photos etc.

Robel uses an anti-noise microphone allowing it to easily locate the persons speaking to Robel record the voice from speakers while the person is giving it commands.

The robot Robel is home control home monitoring and remote control functions etc.

Robel is being an essential device around the household. The life assistant function allows Robel to give any information you might be interested in such as weather or news.

In addition, you can even schedule a daily lesson for a cute little girl.

The past four years our team has been working on making this robot more advanced and now they invite you to join us together to make this robot come to life.

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