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Plex VR app now available for Oculus and Gear VR

by Sadia Liaqat
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plex gear vr

  • There’s now a Plex Gear VR app for viewing your media library from the comfort of your headset.
  • The Plex VR app also works with Oculus headsets, which reaches a broader audience than when the app was only available on Google Daydream.
  • You can simulate two different environments in the Plex Gear VR app and watch your media in that virtual world.

You know all that legitimate, totally-paid-for, and absolutely, 100% legal media content you have on your PC? If you’re not using Plex to organize that media and stream it on every device you own, you’re seriously missing out.

What’s more, Plex also offers Plex VR, an app that lets you browse and view your media within a VR environment. It used to be available only on the Google Daydream platform, but today it’s officially expanded to both Oculus and Gear VR.

Using the Plex VR app, you can simulate either a high-rise apartment or drive-in movie theatre environment. You can browse your media, change settings, and obviously watch your media, all within the VR world. You don’t even need the optional controller; you can do everything with just the traditional headset.

plex gear vr

Unfortunately, Watch Together – the feature that lets you and your friends watch media at the same time no matter where you are in the world – is not yet supported on Oculus and Gear VR. However, Plex promises that the feature will come soon.

Plex is entirely free to use, but there is Plex Pass that gives you access to advanced features. However, the Plex VR app is free and does not need a Plex Pass to function to its full level.

You can see how Plex works here, and you can read about how Plex VR works here.

Oh, and don’t forget to get a VPN for all that legal, totally-on-the-level downloading you do.

Source: Android Authority

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