Please Stop Blaming Pakistan

The Secretary General of the United Nations
The President of the USA
The Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and leaders of NATO countries.

We from Pakistan, understand ,you are deeply saddened, at the developments in Afghanistan.
You are deeply  dismayed that your billions of dollars investment, to have a “Client AFGHANISTAN State ” has gone waste.
The speed at which Taliban have been welcomed by the people of Afghanistan, clearly indicates that the Top Down Democracy experiment  to  force Western Democracy and way of life  has totally backfired. The reasons are many. Foreign occupation lacks acceptance and credibility.

You are worried about  women education and deprivation of human rights ;”after the Taliban take over.” Your fears and assumptions are being aired much  before they have established the Government. You forget that your experiment has failed despite 20 years of Western efforts to enforce your agenda.

At best:
” your fears are premature and smack of arrogance.
Is the Western Democracy the ONLY model . Why not an indigenous democracy or a  system best suited for the people of Afghanistan.
Why so much consternation at the plight of citizens of Kabul and surroundings and not all citizens of Afghanistan.

Just to remind:
You have never raised a finger  at the plight of  8 million Kashmiris who have been kept in the biggest JAIL in the history of mankind.
The JAIL is barricaded and surrounded by 800000 Army persons  of India. They are armed with the most sophisticated weapons and use the weapons indiscriminately at women and children.
You hold India and Narendra Modi as a model of Democracy . You forget Gujrat and CAA.
You ignore the ethnic and religion based cleansing of Muslims and the racial profiling of
Kashmiris .
They  are not allowed freedom of speech and movement.

Article 370 has been revoked and CAA/  35 A in force. These are despicable  racist acts, condoned by you.
You stand up for some Afghans but look the other way when it comes to devastation and persecution of 8 million Kashmiris.
Kashmiris have NO rights and no freedom.
Thousands of freedom fighters have been brutally tortured and beaten to death.
You are shedding tears for a small percentage of liberal Afghans in Kabul  but least concerned about the rural AFGHANISTAN; “which has welcomed the Taliban because the Superimposed Government of Ashraf Ghani was deemed to be extremely Corrupt and foreign installed by  CIA and intelligence agencies.”

The people have turned against YOU.

It is not difficult to understand why.
This is  because of your barbaric killings and destruction.
You have no feeling for the  murders and killings of innocent citizens, through your Drones and indiscriminate bombardment using  MOAB.
You conveniently call it collateral destruction.

Coming back to Kashmir:
Narendra Modi is committing the Worst human rights violations but not a word from Angela Merkel
UN Secy Gen;
Boris Johnson and CNN.

The double standards speak.
The hypocrisy is patently visible.
The destructive policies have created ill will.

For all your destruction it is convenient to find a scapegoat.

Save this region . Stop the wanton killings.
You are the sole reason why Terrorists and Terrorism has increased exponentially.
It is sponsored.

Please STOP blaming PAKISTAN.

Lesser Citizens of the World.
Shams Abbas
18  August 2021

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