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Pentagon’s Bug Bounty Program Identifies Defense Travel System Vulnerabilities

by Mehwish Agha
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Pentagon pioneers again connected with white top programmers and moved toward them to distinguish possible vulnerabilities and bugs for the framework used to book traverse the protection division. the defense travel system is a movement administration framework for members throughout the guard office.

its is depended on by dod voyagers. in excess of 9 500 districts work around the world and the security of these frameworks is mission-fundamental jack messer the venture lead for the defense manpower server farm said in a open explanation. this is the most ongoing cycle of the hack the Pentagon program the military displayed in 2016.

hack the DTS resulted in software engineers perceiving 65 vulnerabilities 29 of which were named as basic. the safeguard department has given out about $300 000 in bug bounties to programmers who have discovered vulnerabilities since the hack the Pentagon pilot. with the particular end goal to execute these hackathons the military has united together with bug abundance programs like hacker one as a path for programmers to target and bring up vulnerabilities in their cybersecurity structure.

for each bug/frailty discovered the guard division pays the programmers’ pentagon pioneers have acknowledged the program for sparing the military millions by distinguishing vulnerabilities in their frameworks early. the program has found and repaired 3 000 distinctive bugs and vulnerabilities so far. following the achievement of the hack, the Pentagon protection department expanded their cybersecurity activity to the military administrations. hack the airforce hack the army and now hack the dates have all been pushed.

the Pentagon was a bug abundance program made by the branch of resistance in mid-2016 as a way to deal with use white top developers to point out vulnerabilities and bugs of web standing up to informative innovation. the program was controlled by the secretary of barrier fiery remains carter worked adjacent programmer one to decide a total of 2 837 reports.

it is definitely not a little sum however in the event that we had encountered the common system of utilizing an outside firm to finish a security review and powerlessness assessment which is the thing that we for the most part do it would have taken a toll us more than $1 million said previous defense secretary slag carter in a discourse upon the trial run programs release in 2016.

hack the DHS next bug plenitude ventures will a little while later make the progress to the branch of country security. congress as of late passed the hack the bureau of country security act on April 17. the enactment frameworks and assets a bug abundance program for DHS like the military bug bounties. truth be told DHS will counsel the military on its hack the pentagon program to perceive how the bug bounties were set up. congress has asked for that DHS issue a report a half year ensuing to completing the experiment program to screen the offices’ outcomes.

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