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PayPal vs stripe

by Mehwish Agha
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When people are asking that which is better to use as a payment software. so PayPal and stripe are the items which help your clients to buy things on site and with both of these, the product for checkout easily.

Payment method:

  1. PayPal is the easiest and most known system that we have to get paid and on the other hand, the stripe is a bit different from PayPal.
  2. Stripe is a truly cool programming software, but in stripe, you can’t get your money faster because in the checkout its has no easy way to get paid.

Commission Method:

  1. In stripe, the commission is lower than PayPal business account.
  2. The difference between countries with the stripe is when you are in Europe and your clients are also in Europe so in stripe, the commission will be lower and if you are not in the same country like you are in U.s and your client is in Europe the commission will be higher. Its depend on you and your customers are in but stripe commissions are lower than PayPal.

Account Opening:

  1. In PayPal the programming system is easy to use, you just have to create your profile and you will have to get your record invoice ready and then you have to create the button for your payments and place your button via code or with a link and share that button to anywhere you want like Facebook, WhatsApp groups and get paid easily.  And deliver anything that you are selling.
  2. In stripe, there is no system to check out and create a button so it is very difficult to use because it requires many coding and the only developer can handle that codings. If you don’t understand the coding’s so it is complicated for you to use that.


  1. In stripe, if you are not aware of coding so the best part is it also has a website h helps you and your consumers to get paid easily with the help of wave. Wave website will merge the applications together for an easy payment solution.
  2. You can download the receipt and send it as a PDF and afterward you choose receipt to your customer by means of email or they have a new component that procedure is you will get a connection and you need to send that connect to your customer then the customer can get to the receipt and pay by stripe.

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