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A Pakistani engineer develops a diligent mural robot

by Sadia Liaqat
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A Pakistani-Canadian engineer has designed an autonomous gadget at Missisuaga that can paint walls evenly with precise accuracy.

Hammad Mirza, along with his four team members of MIST (Mobile Intelligent Spraying Technologies) has designed ‘Maverick’ a robot that uses mapping technology (the study and application of ability to construct map or floor plan by the autonomous robot and to localize itself in it) and a sort of elevator-like shaft to spray up and down the walls to paint them. To get a fine coating without the fear of a spill, the robot is fitted with a platform, an arm, and a spray system.

These engineers have an experience of working with Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Uber, but their latest innovation is surely a milestone achieved in a paint industry.

Hammad told to a local news source:

“We believe that the home painter industry is ripe for disruption, noting that there are over 5,000 painting-related injuries each year, with $1.5 billion spent on painters annually in North America only.”

The team said:

“We actually plan on mounting a camera behind the sprayer so that it follows the sprayer up and down, and hence can use image processing to make decisions about whether to actuate the spray or not. We’ve already implemented this logic in software and even have a paint quality detection algorithm. That being said, we haven’t mounted the camera just yet as seen in this video.”

The team has made headlines across the tech-world but Maverick’s initial design is not the final destination as the group plans on adding other features to the robot for making it more user-friendly.


Source: Tech Juice

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