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One of Nest’s cameras can now be used as a Google Assistant

by Sadia Liaqat
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After Google announced prior this month that it would wrap Nest once more into Google’s equipment task, everybody figured we’d see more cover between the two. Beyond any doubt enough, only two weeks after the fact: the Nest Cam IQ Indoor is getting support for Google Assistant.

Home says the application refresh that gives clients a chance to flip Google Assistant usefulness should hit at some point today. The Nest Cam IQ as of now has a mouthpiece and speaker worked in for two-way correspondences, so this equitable repurposes that current equipment.

Once you’ve turned on the usefulness, Google Assistant on the Cam IQ should work the same as it does on any Google Home gadget (short a couple of things that would, for the most part, require a greater speaker, such as playing music, making telephone calls, or tuning in to the news) — simply say “alright Google” trailed by your inquiry.

It sounds like this usefulness is only coming to the Cam IQ Indoor for the time being — so don’t take a stab at woofing charges at the outside Cam or your old Dropcams at this time.

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