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Now You Can Book A Ride With Google Assistant

by Sadia Liaqat
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Google Assistant

Google rolled out a group of new features for Assistant. Recently Google launched new features that let you book a ride through google Assistant on Android phone, iPhone, Google Home or any smart speaker with Assistant. Rather than asking Alexa or Siri, you would now be able to state, “Hello Google, book me an Uber. Lyft, Ola, Grab, GO-JEK” or your other most favorite ride services.

Once you’ve chosen which one you need (despite the fact that you can limit it down from the start by joining the supplier’s name in your request: “Hello Google, book an Uber to…”) you’ll at that point be taken to the relating application to confirm the booking. So its capacity is twofold: hands ride-hailing, and furthermore an advantageous method for finding the ride that works best for you without looking over different applications.

Google Assistant

Google said in his blog that the new ride request will be accessible “first in English and any nation where one of our supported ride service partners operate. We intend to extend to more languages in the coming months.”

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant also bolsters Uber hailing, and it lets you really call an auto without requiring any affirmation with your cell phone. Be that as it may, surveys on how well the ability functions are truly blended.

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