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NOKE: simple, comfortable hanging lock

by Ossama Masood
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NOKE: simple, comfortable hanging lock

It controlled with a Smartphone through Bluetooth 4.0 connection. It is compatible with Windows Ios and android and originally started as kick starter campaign. One of the functions of the lock is automatic search. Noke automatically finds and connects to your Smartphone and automatically unlocks when you are few steps away from the lock. It backed by over 6100 backers in 72 countries and they pre-sold over 15000 units.

A padlock is compact and has a good weight to it and around 320 grams. It feels heavy duty and the casing have a very brushed finish. On the front is the Noke logo with a small indicator light. The lock made from steel with a boron hardened tether and incorporates the latest anti-shim technology for optimal security.

Noke is weather resistant and appropriate for use in the toughest environments including outdoors in this ip66 rated and the buttons battery and sensors are all sealed with internal silicone o rings to prevent water and muds from penetrating the internals and subsequently attacking the electronics and preventing a lot from functioning.

Unfortunately, the battery of your Smartphone gives out of power or if you phone nuts around but the Noke padlock can unlock with a present tape code a unique mixture of short and long clicks on the shackle.

Noke uses Bluetooth 4.0 and a 128 bit AES CCM encryption with PKI technology and a cryptographic key exchange protocol to ensure it remains secure needless to say Bluetooth needs to be turned on for noke to work. A key component is an app and it’s available on Ios, Android and window platforms.

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