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Nissan is reviving old EV batteries to power Japanese cities

by Ramsha Shuaib
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Nissan gives old EV batteries new life to power Japanese cities

Nissan has declared a venture to reuse old electric vehicle (EV) batteries for brilliant lighting arrangements in urban areas.

A week ago, the Yokohama, Japan-based automaker said that the new task, titled ” The Reborn Light,” will inhale new life into old EV batteries keeping in mind the end goal to give occupants of Namie, Japan, with open lighting.

In an announcement, Nissan said that old batteries from the Nissan Leaf electric auto, combined with sun oriented boards, resolve the new streetlights.

Together with subsidiary 4R Energy Corp., Nissan will give the open air lighting to the town as a major aspect of Namie’s recuperation endeavors following the 2011 quake and torrent, of which numerous towns and urban areas in Japan are as yet feeling the effect of because of the harmed framework.

“The venture uses the developing number of utilized electric-auto batteries that will end up accessible as electric vehicles increment in prevalence around the globe,” Nissan says.

The road lights have an unmistakable, moderate plan and are 4.2 meters tall. Sun oriented boards are introduced at the best while the reused EV batteries store control gathered through the sun at the base of the establishment.

An advantage of the new lighting is that they work totally off-network and needn’t bother with any links or interest in the foundation – which will just help urban areas as of now endeavoring repairs after catastrophic events.

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Also, should another tremor hit, these lights won’t be influenced by issues with focal power supplies.

“Notwithstanding when batteries never again serve to control autos, they can be renewed to continue serving people,” the automaker says.

A model will be tried on 26 March in Namie, with more lights to be introduced all through the city this year. On the off chance that effective, different automakers may likewise receive the thought as an approach to mindfully discover another utilization for batteries after they have finished their lifecycles in our electric vehicles.

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