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Microsoft will announce a new version of HoloLens on February 24. Here’s everything we know about it

by Sadia Liaqat
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Microsoft will announce a new version of HoloLens on February 24

Mobile World Congress doesn’t kick off in Barcelona until next week, but Microsoft dropped a big hint that has made some people wonder whether the company is now ready to debut Hololens Augmented Reality Device, posted a cryptic video on Youtube on Monday that gives you a major hint that a reputed new version of the headset will be unveiled later this month.

Microsoft sent out the invitations to a press conference to be held on February 24 in Barcelona. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella will be there and Julia White, corporate VP of Microsoft’s cloud Azure. In any case, Kipman was scheduled to be at the event, setting off a rush of speculation about another HoloLens.

Microsoft has been selling the HoloLens for a few years now aimed at enterprise users with a precarious retail price of $5,000 per device. It’s a well-known device for specific uses like trade-show demonstrations. What’s more, it has a decent following in the defense business.

In November Bloomberg announced that Microsoft handled a $480 million contract with the US Army for up to 100,000 devices. Microsoft doesn’t speak much about HoloLens deals. Be that as it may, in a European Patent Office video discharged in April 2018, it pegged deals at around 50,000 devices.

Microsoft’s MWC 19 website talks up it’s “intelligent cloud,” portraying how “best in class sensors and AI at the edge to make technology more personal and natural.” That later bit about “Artificial Intelligence at the edge” appears to be code for HoloLens.

We realize that the new HoloLens will include an extravagant new AI chip, affirmed by Microsoft in July 2017. It’s also expected to include Microsoft’s most recent generation of the Kinect sensor, the Verge reports, and the gossips is the device will use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 850 processor, which means it will be controlled by an ARM chip, not an Intel one.

The all of this could point to a consumer-aimed device and if so, it would have a smaller price tag.

Other rumors include new HoloLens design, according to MSPowerUser, and that the headset may have a greater field of view, tending to one of the greatest complaints about the device.

A final rumor seems to be that HoloLens 2 will include a special version of Windows 10. Microsoft has a big presence at Mobile World Congress is also new this year. The company hasn’t been a splashy part of the annual tech extravaganza since it bowed out of Windows phones.

As for Kipman’s video, you’d need to be Professor Langdon of DiVinci Code fame to decode it. It’s a series of computer-generated images (one looks like a chip) and the press conference date.

Still, that’s a very strong hint that we’ll hear more about HoloLens 2 then.

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