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MI band 3

by Ossama Masood
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MI band 3

The MI band is the most suitable fitness tape is accessible at this moment. From Now It is just used to track the heart rate, sleep patterns and more. MI band 3 deliver a lot of new enhancements and changes.

It’s had an amazing bented layout to the main body or brain and also the layout off it looks amazing. That’s one of the first major differences among the current band and the older MI bands.

The original MI band didn’t have the display but the second had one but it wasn’t the touchscreen. This next generation MI band, on the other hand, is simply stunning. The MI bands have always been some of the great fitness trackers for the price.

With an all-glass front, it might look susceptible to cracks and scratches but it only got some minor scratches. The previous band also had a screen up front because it was a flat screen instead of this curved glass on the MI band 3.

The strap itself hasn’t changed all that much it is similar with the previous bands and it is same with the MI band 3. Its come in with the same material that is fully flexible.  The latch is pretty much similar to what it has always been.

The MI band three is large looks modern and is easy to take on and off as required. Other with the MI band 3 you have a choice to buy that band with three colors one is orange dark, blue and black. It is waterproof up to 50 meters which means If you are working out. Or using it in the rain or even if you are taking it out for a light swim.

Its layout and build are upgraded means it looks good it’s lightweight and restful to wear and it’s a water resistant and got a touchscreen. Its layout is 0.78 inch OLED. The layout gets appreciably flashing than the previous band also it has a demonstration density 193PPI that is fair sharp for a fitness band.

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