Message of Karbala

How many Shias have actually understood the message of Karbala? Is it some tradition that we follow? A festival we celebrate?

Is khooni matam only what being a Shia is all about? I see fellow Shia posting blood letting pics with pride, without any context. Why?

Few pointers, to refresh:-

  1. Karbala is all about Sabr! If you do not have Sabr in your personality you are lacking something important which our Imam taught. Look at Hazrat Abbas.
  2. Karbala is all about Jigar! Have the guts to speak up for what is right. Even if it means speaking against your brother who is mistreating his wife. Or speaking against your local goon if he is troubling some innocent neighbor.
  3. Karbala is all about kindness! The enemy forces which were thirsty were given water by our Imam. Hussain knew he would be killed by these very people, still he gave them water. And even to their horses! Karbala teaches us to show kindness to fellow humans and animals alike.
  4. Karbala is all about loyalty! 71 companions were killed in battle against a standing army of thousands. Even when faced with certain death these brave men didn’t leave the side of Hussain. Look at the bigger picture, leave your petty differences aside and be loyal to a cause you believe in.
  5. Karbala is all about equality! John, was a dark skinned African Christian who earlier was a slave, was treated as his brother by our beloved Imam. The color of the skin doesn’t matter, what is in your heart matters.
  6. Karbala is all about magnanimity! Hurr, the enemy commander who was responsible for cutting the water supply of Hussain’s camp, but later had a change of heart on the night before Ashura, was welcomed by Hussain with utmost respect and love.

Azadaari is a mission to spread the message of Hussain. It is not limited to crying behind closed doors and wearing black.

Azadaari is making the world sit up and ask, #WhoisHussain?

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