Manners and etiquettes found in Turkey

Manners and etiquettes which were common in Turkey during the Ottoman times.

(Tho some of it is still revelant, more especially in certain parts of Turkey more than others)

• If there was a yellow flower in front of the window, it meant: ‘there is a patient in the house, please dont make noise’

• If there was a red flower in front of the window, it meant: ‘there is a girl in the house who is of marriageable age, please be careful of what you are talking about when you pass by in front of the house’

• When a guest came to the house, water and Turkish coffee would be offered. If the guest is hungry, he/she will drink the water first, so then judging from that, a meal will be prepared for him/her, if he/she is not hungry, he/she will have the Turkish coffee first.

• The younger ones would not walk in front of the older people. The young ones will only pass the older ones if the older ones say: ”pass son, I’m walking slowly”.

• When a city was built, first a Masjid (Muslim Prayer house) would be built, then the houses would be built ring by ring. Like when a stone is thrown into water, rings start from the center and then spread out from it.

• ‘Ya Malikül Mülk’  would be written on the house walls. It means: ‘I have nothing, the real owner is the Allah’

• There were two knockers on the doors. One big knocker, one small knocker. The big one made a big sound whilst the small one made a softer sound. So If the guest was a man, he would knock using the big one so that a man comes to open the door. And If the guest was a woman, she would use the smaller knocker, so a woman will open the door.

• There were foundations for birds. If a migrating bird was injuried, that foundation would take care of the bird. Also when winter would come, they would put food on the snow for the birds, because birds wouldnt find food when the ground is full of snow.

• No one eats standing. First, hands are washed, then  everyone sits at the eating place all together. First the oldest will start to eat, thereafter the others. And as a reminder, before beginning to eat, the oldest would say : ‘Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem’, and after eating, everyone would read Surah Fatiha.

• When a person passed away in a  neighborhood, then for one week or ten days, the neighbours would cook their meals for them. Also then no one would have fun and merriment loudly. In these ways, they shared their pain

Can you still follow these?

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