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LG FX0 – Flagship Firefox OS Smartphone

by Ossama Masood
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LG FX0 - Flagship Firefox OS Smartphone

A pretty unique device this is the LG FX0 it’s an actually a semi-transparent phone. It was release originally only in Japan but can now pick up unlocked on Amazon. As well as eBay for around $60 for new which is pretty inexpensive for a brand new Smartphone.

It actually offers mid to higher specification inclusive of a Snapdragon 400 processor for which is quad core and we saw this on the HTC Desire 510. Actually a year ago this is 1.2 gigahertz and it has 1.5 gigs RAM which is enough to power the relatively lightweight Firefox OS operating system.

It also has 4.7 inch IPS display which has a 720p resolution not 1080p but not too big of a problem at this price point has 16 gigs of Bolton storage and a megapixel autofocus rear camera LED flash 2 megapixels front facing camera and again the version that you count Amazon and eBay comes fully unlocked. There’s Wi-Fi onboard as well as GPS and serial Bluetooth.

You can expand the memory using microSD card if you want to do that. This phone also does come with NFC wireless communication and wallet services. It seems respectable nothing too bad 4.7 inches is a decent size it is pretty comfortable to hold in the hand and to pocket so it’s a nice balance for people that don’t want a device with too small of the screen. Another notable aspect of this particular device is again that offers these relatively mid-higher specs as opposed to most other Firefox OS smartphones which are comparatively budget oriented.

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