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Lenovo Smart Cast: Laser Projection Smartphone

by Mehwish Agha
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Lenovo keen cast which is the world first laser projection this is Stanley in the model stage.

• It’s has 34mm x 26mm x 5mm

• Focus free outline

• Wall surface mode

• Project recordings and surface

• Transform any surface into a touching show

• 4.5 inches screen

• 180 degree flappable

• Kickstand

• Back cam + LED Flash

Its accompanies rotatable bit at the base which acts that as a projector that can be utilized to show projection on any surface you can pivot it and at the rear, you get a camera module which has a stand empowered.

It is an intelligent show so you can utilize your fingers to cooperate with the projection.

You can stand the telephone and afterward anticipating the show on the level table and you can likewise this or whatever level to play amusements, console, piano or even utilize it as applications where you simply compose different characters and it would perceive that characters and change over into numbers or characters relying on the application.

It has a screen of projection 50 inches which is useful for watching recordings and playing recreations.

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