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by Mehwish Agha
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Lauren and Matt are the last eight seed and this is their latest product THE Latte panda They are Makers they love making and hacking things but so far they haven’t found any Subo tool for windows based the projects.

They created Latte-Panda a Palm-sized quad-core full Windows 10 computer and it runs perfectly with you using Microsoft Office playing High-definition videos running other Windows compatible software on a lot of a panda is exactly the same experience as using a regular PC and its way smaller, in fact, it’s 40% smaller than an iPhone.

Just like an iPhone includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 very affordable to run using a regular 5-volt phone charger for power to make it a simple for a wide range of users in our market and also comes Arduino compatible co-processor

With existing open source API you can build your own software and hardware projects shares them with our community.

They are small team engineers and hobbyist based in Shanghai each with specific skills supported by DF robot,

They have an array of hardware and software at their disposal, they love tinkering with hardware and we are very excited to share our creations with you.

It also comes with Intel seven gen core m3 CPU turbo boost up to 2.6 gigahertz and eight gigabytes dual channel memory 64 gigabytes storage and Intel HD six one five graphics this makes its four times faster than its predecessor twenty times the computing power of a regular SBC allows you to fully leverage cutting-edge technologies for your innovative projects.

It comes pre-install with full Windows 10 Pro license and runs perfectly with Linux.

It’s also created streaming cable enjoy play and plug computing just like flash drive runs your application at any mac or windows pc.

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