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Is Human Brain Controlled by Technology?

I strongly agreed that technology does control and run the human brain in this era. From the sun arises till the sunsets human beings move where the technology lets them go. 

This is a sign of danger for the whole upcoming generation because technology makes everyone dependent on them and dependency is not good. If we talk about the innovations and explosions technology has played a huge part in it. Eliminating the communication gap and being extra vibrant in the productive factor.

Big firms and factories taking full advantage of technology but we cannot neglect the fact that it also affecting our minds. 

How much do we spend our time on our phones? This is a simple yet quick question asked by many people and they pause for a minute and smile because they knew the answer. 

The answer is that they spent most of their time with their cellphones, laptops, or TV. I didn’t say that it’s entirely dangerous for the generation but we can say that extra usage of anything can be harmful. 

It is observed that once you get into your cellphone then you planned your day according to that for example: if I wanted to go for studies at 4 PM but unfortunately I was on my phone using it and it’s 4 PM then I will surely be lazy and inactive for studies. It is a natural thing many people will agree with me.  

Also, technology makes everything efficient and most people lose their jobs now performed by machines or robots thanks to modern technology. 

To increase productivity and efficiency, many companies have implemented automated equipment and robots in their manufacturing facilities.

Companies owners brought these automatic machines at suitable or might be expensive prices to minimize the employee salary cost. As a result, many people became jobless in the way technology controls companies.

The development of new weapons raises the level of crime. as the artillery, military weapons, and the newest combat weapons are manufactured with the aid of technology. 

As a result, when these weapons end up in the hands of needless criminals, they have the potential to be used for retaliation and selfish ends, which would be extremely harmful to society’s defenseless citizens.

Because the makers of technology stand to gain financially, the creators of that technology didn’t consider the tranquility of society.

Addiction is the worst part of anyone’s lives either it is drugs or something else. Technology injecting into human brains like a drug that the human became addicted to it.

It has quickly exploded into our daily lives, computer games have improved in realism and brightness, and educational simulators have taken on the appearance of real-world conditions. 

Experts agree that extreme game addiction can lead to psychological problems, mental illnesses, or even worse situations.

We do not use our brains now because all we can get is available on the internet in the form of templates. 

People do brainstorm while creating designs or developing something but most of them get their work done on ready-made templates because they do not want to waste too much time thinking out of the box. Who says that this design is original and it is not on the internet you must google it.

Last Wording

Success, progress, and prosperity in the modern world would undoubtedly be more challenging to attain without smartphones, computers, and other modern technology because we have grown accustomed to them. 

Given the value of time, we should consider how to best utilize it for our benefit and only use it to improve work efficiency. rather than spending hours on it.

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