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New tools launched to Instagram and Facebook

by Mehwish Agha
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Something very creative going to happen very soon. As we know the most interesting on our network are Facebook and Instagram and Facebook and Instagram are the most popular social media in our generations and even in every people of all ages.

But as we know the addiction becomes very low because of the workers they can’t use there apps on regular basis because of some distraction as well as some of us have the shortage of time. So with that point of view, Facebook and Instagram decide to launch some new tools for the comeback of their addictive users.

The social media giant will soon roll-out three new functions:

1.    An Activity Dashboard

With this tool users can know that how much time they spend on their social media pages, like on Instagram it’s mentioned the tool dashboard which automatically measures the user’s activity on their social media page, on weekly basis app will update your average time that you spend on your Facebook and Instagram page, and u can manage that time by yourself too it has their 2 sub tools too in which first u can set your daily reminder and the notification settings on notification setting user can easily set that the app should notify him by alarm.

2.    A feature to mute notification

Facebook and Instagram are also create a feature that user can easily mute the notification by limited timeframe which they need they can adjust for their time limit like if the user like the user is don’t want every hour update on his timetable so he mute’s his page update but with the help of that feature he can mute the page by the time limit which doesn’t make the pages updates goes for a long time.

3.    A daily usage reminder

The daily reminder is defined your own minutes. On per day how much minutes users spends on their app.

As these tools are launched Mark Zuckerberg said: “Our hope is that these tools give more control over the time they spend on our platforms, and also foster conversation between parents and teens on online habits are rite”.

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