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robot can be controll by human with their nerves

by Mehwish Agha
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As technologies are getting faster and upgrading day by day, we have a good news for you all now human can also operate robots by their brain.

The robot is being controlled by hand gestures and brain waves:

The operator wears the cap which called electroencephalogram to pick up error-related potentials. These are unconsciously, easily detectable signals in the brain which fires when we spot an error.

The good things are that the error-related potentials it is not be trained, you all have it you all can make it correct whenever it goes wrong, the operator can machine from the distance when machine make mistakes so u operator can easily found that “oh that’s the mistake”.

Anybody who wears cap can easily operate the machine and judge it whether it’s correct or not,

System directions:

If the system picks such a signal it will stop the actions and wait for further instruction, Electromyography (EMG) is then used to detect left to right muscle movements to correct the actions in errors. Its allow the operator to direct the robot to the correct location with the simple flick of the wrist.

With today’s machines interactions possibilities, we usually have the humans, learn the language of the machines and adapt to the machine,

So that our object is to change that instead of human adapt to machines we want that machines can adapt to humans.

In the future that machines also help many human and saves their hard works over machines updating system, this system will help many more projects to be done easily, and much faster.

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