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How To Use Google Now on Tap In Android Phones

by Sadia Liaqat
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Google Now on Tap in Android Phones

One of Google’s fantastic product in the past couple of years was Google Now on Tap. While it didn’t end up being something we used each day, its amazing screen search features prove to be useful. But it was swapped with Google Assistant. Google now on Tap offered features to enable you to get the setting of what’s on screen and find solutions to any issues while performing any task. A few people extremely adored it, and still wish that it were here. While we don’t have an approach to completely bring back the feature, you can get comparable usefulness utilizing two or three applications.


This is an amazing feature, one more amazing tutorial is here in which we will use Tasker. Tasker is the most famous automation application on Android. I in this guide, we will additionally use Google Lens and AutoShare module for Tasker. The venture works something like this: you set up Tasker to include a custom shortcut in a quick setting. When tapped, takes screenshots and send it to Google Lens for analysis. It is a quick shortcut to have Google Lens break down whatever is on your screen.

What’s more, here’s the means by which to really set it up:

  1. In the first place, you need to download the 3 applications that are: Tasker, Google Lens, and AutoShare;
  2. Open AutoShare and enable access to your internal storage for sharing the screenshot to Google Lens;
  3. Open this link on your Android device with Tasker installed;
  4. Tap on “Import.”
  5. Run the task one with the goal that it includes the custom shortcut;
  6. That is it!

We’ll try to offer the greatest number of Tasker tutorial as we can. The fact that the most recent variant of Tasker makes bringing in the projects so substantially simpler is extremely lucky for clients. Already, they needed to experience a difficult procedure of bringing in the undertaking from the application or set up the task physically.

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