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Some people are just happy to be published, and they contribute to sites like EzineArticles, where you can find content written about a very wide range of subjects that you can repurpose for free. 

Currently, the site claims to have just over 500,000 ‘expert authors’ providing a huge selection of work that you can freely use. 

The content remains on the site where you link to it. 

Tried & Tested

We tested the service by searching for the topic of ‘surfboard building’ and it came back with 740 surfing-related articles, although none specifically about making boards. 

Less obscure subjects generated even more potential content, and on occasion, the site found exactly the subject matter which was required. 

As you might reasonably expect, the quality of these articles often isn’t the best, and they might well appear on multiple other sites that found them before you – but they are free. 

EzineArticles isn’t the only source for free articles. Here are five others which are popular, although we suspect that some content will be duplicated across these sites.

  • Amazines – Covers everything from Feng Shui to Food & Beverages
  • Article Sphere – Will generate an RSS feed for any given subject
  • ArticleCity – Plenty of content, and it’s professionally presented
  • Articles Factory – A good selection of technical pieces

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