by Sadia Liaqat
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Technology is a vast term. We all are aware of the latest technologies that have been introducing in the last few years. Science and its latest development are playing a major part in contributing great asset to our environment. If we are talking about technology we must never forget about its major contribution to disaster relief.

Natural disaster or any intentional harm to the society or environment is increasing day by day. People, natural resources and economic changes occur when a disaster hit any country or area. It is then important to take immediate actions to get relief from such situations. Japan is the main country facing such troubles every year or twice a year. Recently Indonesia is being the victim of such horrendous or misfortunate events. Technology is the only source of collecting data when in need. Now a days people are aware of the situations around the world due to the progressing technology. There are so many websites, platforms, groups, therapy programs that occur online to overpower the grief of the victims involves in such disasters. Digital media plays a major role in reaching out those in need. Television and news are progressing so increasingly that in no time you will be informed about the tragic news happening around the world. Technology is increasing and so is natural disasters so there are major steps taken by the government of the United States. In which they ask all their scientists and technologist to introduce and make such programs or technologies which can progressively help those in need.

The major part is played by the government of any country. And it is important that we all work together for the betterment of mankind. The United States is considered to be the world’s most progressive and successful country. The vision of the technologists there is to build a safe environment for the common people living there. Moreover, websites development has increased over a period of time. Whenever a disaster hit any country, digital media is the only immediate medium to reach the victims and help them. Many #GOFUNDME mages have been made and run to help everyone around the world in need. Websites play an important role when it comes to reliability and trust. No one wants their donations or help to go to the wrong hands. Nowadays it has become too common to misuse innocent people in the name of donations or charity. You must do your research first before committing to such acts of kindness nowadays. People often don’t realize that technology is there to help the system and improve the quality of work. People need to trust technology in order to fully avail its benefits and features. There are many people who also misuse technology and misinform people. But now a days there are many companies that make sure that your donation goes to the right hands.

Unite states offer their helping hands to many countries suffering from natural disasters or generally when a country is falling down or losing its asset, America becomes the helping hand every time. We look upto countries that are efficient and resourceful in times of need or hardships. And the United States develop such websites or technologies which can be beneficial and not time consuming. When India was flooded due to the major tsunami many countries offered helping hands to India. It’s all about helping someone in time of difficulty. Technology is vast and effective when you use it in favor of mankind. Websites development and digital media are increasing so rapidly and playing a great role in terms of helping mankind in need. New technology is introducing each day to overpower all the problems people face at such times. Many websites link you directly to people who can help the victims personally or your funds can go directly to those in need.

The great thing about technology is, it brings many people together when its time of difficulty. So many people nowadays are willing to provide a helping help in need of time. But most of them hesitate just because they are unsure about the ways of reaching those victims. But technology is rapidly increasing and making sure that all the money sends for the donation is safe and in right hands. Even people living in Pakistan wants to help so many people. There are millionaire and billionaire who can actually play major roles in helping and improving disaster relief. Many people want to donate but there are not enough resources to actually reach those in need.

Disasters are unfortunate and no one can possibly do anything to stop them. It is a fact that a person can hardly do anything when disaster occurs. It’s not in our hands to stop it but It is very much in our hands rebuked or reconstruct the area contribute to helping those who suffer. When a disaster hit it leaves so many people empty handed. People have no roof on their head or no food to eat or any place to sleep. And then technology plays a major role in connecting those in need to the people willing to help and rebuild their lives. We produce many websites and pages just so we can help those victims. Back then when there were no such mediums to connect to those in need, they used to sleep on broken rocks and eat whatever little they were left with. But now a day’s technology plays an important role in bringing out the best in both worlds. Technology brings people together and helps them regain their confidence and houses. Website development and technology has played an important role in overcoming in disaster relief. The United States plays an important part in helping those in need and also recreate the same environment for them. Use of the right technology can bring 0ut the best in any society and we must all work towards helping those in need. Better use of technologies results in a better life and future.

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