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How Google’s featured answers can go terribly wrong

by Mehwish Agha
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wrong news,

There has never been a king united states but there have been times there when Google will tell you very top of the page that there was ‘King Barack Obama their source? A joke headline from Breitbart article from 2014.

This isn’t the only time something like that this happened: this google first answer box told users that dinosaurs never existed that only God loves Christians and that all republicans are Nazis.

So what are these featured search results? And why they can be so, so bad?

Responses like this are called featured snippet. They are part of called “rich answered” on Google- an answer that is given special priority beyond the usual list of links.

If you want to know the score of warrior games, and how to say thank you in Arabic and check the weather in Guatemala City, with the Rich answer you don’t actually have to click on any search results.

Those answered are powered by what Google calls its Knowledge Graph, which is a database of related search information that was launched in 2012.

But feature snippet is a different thing even if look like that different.

Knowledge graph information is limited to verified sources like Wikipedia and the CIA’s world facebook but their featured snippet can pull information from any third-party website.

That’s where the result can get tricky as the outline Adrienne Jefferies has reported.

For a while when you asked google why firetruck are red you got along Monty python.

Joke right stop that!

Snippet answers are usually from one of the top search results. But they don’t have to be: google places priority on how directly a statement answered a question how many works it takes to do it whether or not its presented in a simple list.

Engagement factors like how often people visit a site and how long they spend on it also play a part.

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