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How Freelancers Can Take Advantage of Google Workspace

As a modern freelance proofreader, you’ll probably complete the majority of your work online. 

You could already have a website up and running. However, you may be Google Workspace helps you if you’re evaluating how to manage your documents, conferences, and emails. 

Google Workspace‘s features, such as Gmail for Business, may help you be more productive and organized while facilitating team initiatives. A freelancer’s guide to Google Workspace is provided in this blog.

Some of the free Google Workspace features, including Gmail and Google Docs, are aware of this.

However, Google also offers certain subscription plans targeted at companies, which come with more cloud storage per user. 

It has the capacity to add numerous users, customized email addresses, and other security features. These packages begin at about $6 a month.

Here are some suggestions which might be helpful for existing and upcoming freelancers:

Storage in Google Drive

Google Drive provides simple third-party sharing and remote access from any device. It is also utilized as a safe storage location for all of your information.

Although Workspace Basic users receive 30GB of storage per person, Google Drive’s free alternative only gives 15GB.

The Google Drive search functionality is one of the most popular among independent contractors. Along with folder and file names, document content is also searched. 

This is fantastic for those of us who are prone to forgetfulness since it ensures that you can always locate what you’re searching for, even if you can’t recall precisely what you titled it!

Additionally, freelancers from all over the world utilize this Google feature to organize their content into categories and display their work to clients as a portfolio using folders.

Sheets, Docs, Slides 

Freelancers need to edit and proofread. This often requires collaboration with others. 

Additionally, dealing with a customer while working remotely is easy and quick while understanding all the motives of the client through presentations and sheets.

For instance, editors and proofreaders can mark their changes in Google Docs‘ “trying to suggest” mode so that clients can examine and accept them. 

The document also features real-time client conversations and comments regarding the content changes.

Google Meet

Remote freelancers will benefit from Google’s video conference platform since it makes it possible to arrange meetings with clients all around the world.

When you book a meeting, you may include a Google Meet link because it is integrated with Google Calendar. 

The largest benefit of the connection is that clients and potential clients may attend meetings without having to register for a Google account.

Google Calendar

You can easily book meetings and events with Google Calendar, and you can also receive alerts about impending events, so you always know what’s coming up.

It’s simple to share your schedule with others and make several calendars that you and your team may use, as each calendar is made for teams.

Using Google Calendar makes it simple to keep track of your upcoming tasks and appointments. 

You can simply organize meetings and compare schedules by sharing your calendars with the client. 


Many survey applications are available on the internet. If we talked about Google Workspace, it also provides one called Forms. 

With Google Forms, it’s simple to design and distribute online surveys using links, and all replies are kept in your Drive for quick access.

You may use surveys to ask customers for comments and testimonials, which you can use for marketing and professional growth.

Last Words

Many of the features that make Google Workspace so useful and popular aren’t well known. Despite the fact that it is an essential way to organize your space and digital life, Your Google Account makes your work much better, more manageable, and organizes your files so that you can spend more time relaxing.

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