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Honor 8X Brings an Affordable Smartphone

by Ossama Masood
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Honor 8X Brings an Affordable Smartphone

Huawei may have unseated Apple as the world’s second greatest cell phone producer, however, it’s a well-known fact that its sub-image Honor had an expansive influence in its climb. Its mix of top of the line highlights and simple to rich costs have in some cases even equaled Huawei’s best lines themselves.

The honor 8X with an impressive 6.5-inch display with a somewhat littler impression than the galaxy note 9. This isn’t a flagship device but it has some great features.

There is solid aluminum construction and a glass back that is pretty unique with a mark stripe over the camera. The honor and the AI camera branding are the only words that stand up at the back which keeps the design minimal.

The honor 8X uses a micro USB port for charging and has a headphone jack. It has a three slot sim tray in which you can develop more storage without using the second sim slot like all other. Huawei and honor devices the other 8X features a tiny notch on the top you can turn it off if you find it annoying.

It does help improve content cropping issues a little if you do that despite being an IPS panel the color saturation and the just some color shifts as you view the screen from different angles. Brightness and outdoor screen visibility are acceptable.

The honor 8X is powered by Huawei steering 710 processor. It succeeds a long time in 659 chips and directly competes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710. Performance is also supported by 4 gigabytes of RAM and if one has 64 gigs of storage. Which should be sufficient for most folks.

The QE 710 is slightly faster than a QE 659 when it comes to everyday app performance and an improvement is most obvious when it comes to graphics processing. The honor 8X main camera comprises of a 20 megapixel F 1.8 sensor supported by a secondary 2 megapixels of the depth sensor.

Low light performance is possible for a mid-range camera and the AI camera feature do have to boost colors a little if you prefer a little more saturation. For the selfies, the honor 8X has a 16-megapixel camera just for that and it supports HDR which helps to improve the dynamic range of selfies when shooting against the back line.

To power a larger display the honor 8X comes fitted with a larger 3750mm hour battery coupled with the more efficient q7m processor the phone is able to last a full day of intensive use similar to its predecessor. The honor 8X dosing features support dual 4G and voltage standby.

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