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Haier’s new smartwatch has a built-in projector

by Sadia Liaqat
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Including new starts of advancement into the smartwatch advertise, Haier has uncovered its most recent wristwatch, which notwithstanding a few wellness orientated highlights fuses an implicit projector.

While the watch is generally still a model, the gadget’s worked in projector empowers a client to show pictures onto their hand – basically a second screen.

Haier’s smartwatch is set to dispatch in China at some point next quarter, with global subtle elements yet to be affirmed.


At current, the watch’s projector is to a great extent wellness orientated. For instance, when running the projector will show data, for example, separation, and movement to wellness objectives. The watch screen will give controls to stop/play an exercise.

The watch’s projector likewise underpins an illustration application, and an engaging ‘moving man’ application which extends a little movement onto the client’s hand.

As its still being developed, its not far-fetched Haier may add additionally utilizes for the smartwatch’s worked in the projector.

It could be that as it may, show the beginning of more instinctive smartwatches on the mass market, including some zest into the present commercial center.

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